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Welcome to Chittha24.com. Chittha24 website is an informational platform designed for health awareness. knowladge and important articles will be found for the visitor coming here, by reading which any person can get health related information. Through this website we provide people awareness about diseases, awareness about food, related current news and information.

Chittha24 website was founded by Mr. Suman Kumar on September 2022, Mr. Suman Kumar is a Food Blogger, Chef, Researcher and Businessman, Mr. Suman Kumar is the founder of this website and Mr. Satyam Kumar is the co-founder. Chith24 website is operated from Mohania, Kaimur, Bihar, India. Through this website, we bring research articles on health-related news, health tips, home remedies, and diet to people all over the world. Chittha24 is a completely Niche website. We are also working on a micro-niche (Health History and Current Health Updates of famus Celebrities) on this website, which will be published on this website in the near future.

For all the visitors coming to the website, it is our endeavor that we take care of the feeling and need of every reader, so that the readers get a good user experience on the website. Still, if any user has any problem regarding any article post or page of the website, then feel free to contact us and give proper advice. If any user has any kind of query, then in that case also he can contact us.

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